Week one of my new job

Well – week one of my new job over. Lots of new faces and information to digest. A much larger infrastructure to learn about and help to manage.

But its been really fun and engaging.

Can’t wait to get back and start week two!

Busy again!

I am now much recovered from my back operation in October. I have now taken an 8 week contract helping provide desktop support at a client in Huntingdon. Whilst the rate is not what I would like, it is compensated for by the closeness of the client. I hope that the agency will find me something slightly more rewarding for my next assignment. 🙂

Good news on Broadband registrations in the Offords

Broadband registrations in Connecting Cambridgeshire have reached 37%, which is great. It indicates a good level of interest by everyone in obtaining better broadband. Registrations close on 31st December 2012, but later ones will still count. I learn that the tender closing date has been extended at the request of 2 of the bidders, and now we hope that the final successful bidder will be announced towards the end of February 2013.

Encouraging news on SuperFast Broadband

I heard some encouraging news regarding SuperFast broadband this week.

My contact at Cambridgeshire County Council that they have 5 possible contractors in negotiation with them for the installation of SuperFast broadband throughout the county.

They are hoping to conclude their negotiations sometime later in 2012 allowing installation to start either late this year or early in 2013.

That is really good news.

Broadband…. Hopes and fears

The latest developments in the BDUK saga give me no confidence that we will ever see decent broadband in our village (20 miles from Cambridge). The government seems to have presided over yet another cock up. If one believes the conspiracy theorists then BT actually “leant on” Fujitsu to pull out of the tendering process. It is farcical. In rural areas BT has a monopoly, and even if we formed a community broadband company, we would still have to go cap in hand to BT for connectivity to the outside world. I really don’t see any reason why the incumbent monopoly should trouser public moneys when the answer is simply. The government should just enact a law enforcing a universal commitment to provision of a specific speed broadband. Except this government won’t as they are so much in thrall to the bankers and commerce!

A very pleasant week in Overstrand

Janine, Alice, and I spent a very pleasant week on the North Norfolk coast at Overstrand. We were really lucky and four out of the six days were very sunny and I actually managed to get a serious sun tan.

We rented a very comfortable flint cottage called “Gardener’s Cottage which was situated in a quaint narrow lane called “The Londs”.

It was really great as the beach was at the end, so we could just pack up our picnic, walk to the end of the road, and climb down the path to the beach….. and relax.

I cannot believe that a lovely sandy beach like this could be so empty!

And with a sky like this one it could be almost anywhere in the world!

We all had lots of fun. Whilst Alice enjoyed being active.

Alice running across the beach

I enjoyed a bit more of a laid back holiday!

Chris relaxes on the beach, and soaks up the rays.