A very pleasant week in Overstrand

Janine, Alice, and I spent a very pleasant week on the North Norfolk coast at Overstrand. We were really lucky and four out of the six days were very sunny and I actually managed to get a serious sun tan.

We rented a very comfortable flint cottage called “Gardener’s Cottage which was situated in a quaint narrow lane called “The Londs”.

It was really great as the beach was at the end, so we could just pack up our picnic, walk to the end of the road, and climb down the path to the beach….. and relax.

I cannot believe that a lovely sandy beach like this could be so empty!

And with a sky like this one it could be almost anywhere in the world!

We all had lots of fun. Whilst Alice enjoyed being active.

Alice running across the beach

I enjoyed a bit more of a laid back holiday!

Chris relaxes on the beach, and soaks up the rays.